Our Story

The Only Social Platform Where Ideas Are Judged on Merit

Jawbuck™ is a revolutionary platform for creating, developing and exchanging ideas. Unauthored. Where unique ideas are rewarded — not punished — and where rewards are for the value of your thinking, not for your identity or past performance. Where you are free from labels, preconceptions and prejudice.

At its core, Jawbuck™ is a social think tank born from the shortcomings of today’s social media conversations, where too often the messenger is targeted for biases against job, political affiliation, race or gender and their message remains unheard or unconsidered. Too often, the least thoughtful people have the greatest voice, while those with the most to offer also have the most to lose for speaking freely.

Our vision is to create a community where thoughtful contributors are protected and rewarded, and where worthwhile ideas move forward. Our mission: To design a system that mitigates the risks and maximizes the rewards of speaking freely — and we think we’ve done just that.

At Jawbuck™, users are both contributor and judge. By buying in to a time-limited Exchange, users invest in themselves and their ideas while rewarding others and being rewarded. At the same time, all content is unauthored — separating the message from the messenger so that ideas are judged only by their merit. By pairing unauthored ideas with financial incentives, Jawbuck™ is turning existing social media platforms on their head and creating a truly unique place for meaningful conversation.

For our many users, this means the power to make a positive impact on the community, get compensated for their most valuable ideas and avoid the real-life consequences of expressing an unpopular or uncomfortable opinion.

Jawbuck™ is for anyone who has an idea, a lesson, an experience or a suggestion that they want to introduce to the world without fear of losing a job, a friend or a family member. It’s for people who want to sharpen their skills, deepen their knowledge and actively solve problems with others. It’s a platform for collaboration, discussion and debate where investing in the very best ideas will lead to some of the most collaborative, fulfilling conversations. In time, we also hope Jawbuck™ will become a historical record of innovative thought, documenting the ideas, opinions and reactions inspired by current events and recognized by our peers.

So put your money where your mouth is: All ideas are welcome — may the best rise above.