Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What is Jawbuck?
A. A safe place that rewards thoughtful conversation. As well as new, patented means of efficient collaboration that highlights what the group considers to be the strongest ideas.

Q. How does it work?
A. All contributions are depersonalized. This allows participants to focus on the ideas without being distracted by the person behind them.

Q. How are people rewarded?
A. All posts, comments, and replies are eligible for tips. Tips are received in Jawbucks. The monetary symbol for a Jawbuck is an uppercase J. 1 Jawbuck = 1 $.01 = 1 penny.

Q. Why Jawbuck?
A. Because online discussions have devolved into personal, professional, and verbal attacks. Ideas get lost. People attack each other, punishing anyone with whom they disagree. In extreme cases, this has lead to Calling for them to be punished, or fired, or boycotted. This has effectively forced most people to censor themselves or avoid all online engagement. Jawbuck gives those disenfranchised parties a voice.

Q. Who is Jawbuck for?
A. Anyone who has become fed up with existing comment sections, discussion forums, and social media sites. Anyone who is more concerned with presenting an opinion than they are for getting credit. Anyone who has ever started to type a message and then stopped. Anyone who has ever felt they could not engage an online discussion. Anyone who wishes to be compensated for the original content they create.

Q. What is the difference between “Open” and “Private” Conversations?
A. “Open” Conversations can be seen and read by anyone with access to the Internet. In order to reply, tip, or send Direct Messages, you need to have a positive balance in your account. Currently, it’s 50 Jawbucks to start a conversation. 10 Jawbucks to comment on an existing conversation. And 5 Jawbucks to reply to those comments.

“Private” Conversations are an incredible problem solving tool. The rules are such that they maximize the contributions of each individual while minimizing the suggestions that the group does not deem to be valuable. Imagine a PTA or HOA meeting that is not limited by geography or time. Where every person has equal access to the same audience. Where ideas are judged solely on their own merit without any bias, predisposition, or political considerations.

Private Conversations are just that. Access is restricted to a select group of individuals, hand picked by the person or company who starts the conversation. These are time limited formats in which people who belong to the same organization can work and talk together, anonymously, without the usual pitfalls that preclude people from sharing openly in a private meeting.

Q. Why would I pay to comment on Jawbuck when every other site is free?
A. Here are just a few reasons:

  1. You aren’t paying. You are investing in yourself. Confident in the value of their contributions. Fully expecting a postive return. Having skin in the game is an integral part of Jawbuck’s format.
  2. Those sites are not free. If the service is free, it means that you are the product. Free sites exist to sell advertising. And your identity, contacts, spending habits, browsing history, thoughts and photos become commodities. They are then sold to advertisers who target you.
  3. Have you tried existing discussion platforms lately? None of them work. They are terrible places. Wrought with hate, spammers, trolls, cyber bullies, pop ups, intrusive ads, click bait, and subjective, power hungry moderators,
  4. Because most people are they are tired of not being able to speak freely without fear of personal attack or professional consequences.
  5. You have the rest of the internet to attack people. To bully. To team up on each other. To assassinate their character. To call for boycotts. And suspensions. But, on here, there are no people. Just ideas. So you can’t attack the person because you disagree with something they say. If you think that’s an acceptable way to interact then you didn’t watch the Presidential debates.

Q. How much is it to subscribe?
A. Free. There are no subscriptions.

Q. How much is to use Jawbuck?
A. Access is completely free. You only pay if you want to be an active participant.

Q. How much is it to participate?
A. 50 Jawbucks (50 cents) to Start a Conversation
10 Jawbucks to Comment
5 Jawbucks to Reply

These amounts are intentional: enough to discourage useless trolling, but not so much as to exclude participation.While investing in yourself ranges from from 5 to 50 Jawbucks, the earning potential of that investment is unlimited. And if you don’t feel like your contribution is worth a few Jawbucks, then it’s likely that no one else will, either.

Q. How much does it cost to tip?
A. There are 4 options:
5 Jawbucks
25 Js
50 Js
100 Js

Q. How is this any different than Reddit?
A. In several ways. The most important is that while Reddit comments may be anonymous, users still have an avatar. And that profile has an identity, a history, and a status. Jawbuck discussions are totally depersonalized. In other words, Jawbuck comments appear on their own. Attributed to nobody but Jawbuck. There is no branding. No identifiers. No code names. No Leaderboard. No caste system. No tribalism. Nothing that can prejudice, predispose, or prevent a reader from taking a message at its face value. And judging it on its own merit. Allowing you to focus on the words. Not the source.

Q. How are conversations organized?
A. By Categories and Tags. Currently, the 9 Categories are:
• Arts & Entertainment
• Business
• Jawbuck
• Society
• Politics
• Science & Tech
• Sports
• Family
• Other

Tags are assigned by whomever writes the original post and the choices are endless.

Q. Who regulates content?
A. There are no moderators.

Q. How do I flag inappropriate content?
A. By ignoring it. Do not reply or tip.

Q. Are there any rules?
A. A few.
We ask that you only use the site if you believe in its goal of depersonalized collaboration.
That you not use the platform to directly attack another member.
That you not discuss anyone’s personal life but your own.
And we ask that you not complain about a problem if you do not have a suggestion on how to solve it.
If you want to troll, attack bully, and bitch, you have the entirety of the Internet in which to do so.

Q. What do I do if I have a suggestion or question?
A. There is a category called “Jawbuck”. In this section, it is free to post for all users who have a positive balance.

Q. Can you have private conversations with specific members?
A. This feature is currently in development.