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Actual Live Video of Pete Davidson in a racist, white nationalist rant.

I'm not surprised Pete Davidson took flack from the Right. Everyone gets offended by everything. What I can't understand is how no one on either side was horrified by the previous political speech in which he basically told an African American entertainer to "Shut up and Dribble" and then insulted his intelligence and laughed at him for bringing public awareness to the issue of mental illness by sharing his personal struggles. It is so much worse than that lady who had every income stream taken away because she said some other lady looked like that chick in planet of the apes. Google em. Valerie Jarrett and Planet of Ape, chick. Nearly identical. Anyway, why is some racism ok? Like last week when Hillary said that all black people look alike. No one bats an eye. Which means we don't have a race issue in this country. We have a party issue. It's so backward that Black people will turn their back on one of their own, and watch him get lambasted by this white dude. Because he is Liberal. And those team ties are stronger than color. The unwritten rule that Dems are black, no matter the cololor of their skin. And Reps are white, no matter who their parents are. Kinda crazy

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