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Listen up. Here is the real reason everyone went nuclear over Kanye. And you haven't read about it anywhere.

Kanye loves saying and doing crazy shit. He always has. For shock value, it's pretty hard to get noticed in the worlds of hip hop and pop culture. Madonna and Howard Stern knew how to do it in the 90s. But those were puritanical times. Jerry Springer ended that one up game.
From a marketing standpoint, Kanye has owned this millennium. Even when he's not making music, he's always got us talking about him. Whether he's stealing Taylor Swift's MTV Award. Or telling Mike Myers and the world that W doesn't care about black people. Or not going on stage til after 4 am at Bonnaroo Or telling the Lollapallooza crowd that Chicago was his city because he is the one who made it famous. He's always spouting off. And for the most part, people just ignore him After all, that's just Kanye being Kanye.

But, this past week was different. Not only did people not ignore him. They annihilated him. They eviscerated him. Folks went after his wife, his daughter, even his dead mother.

They called him an Uncle Tome, a narcissist. a token, a houseboy, a negro, a psycho, you name it. So, take a closer look at who attacked them. and what they said. It was all people affiliated with the Democratric National Party. CNN, Jay Z, MSNBC, SNL, and on down the line. And NONE of them addressed what he actually said.

Generally, political debates are not like rap battles. You don't attack the mother of your opponent. You refute their argument. But no one did that. They responded with what is known in the world of debate as ad hominem arguments. An ad hominem argument is when you have no substantive rebuttal to refute your opponent's argument, so instead, you try to discredit them by attacking the speaker. It's a tactic used when you want to distract the audience's attention from what the other person is saying. I used to be on the debate team. So, whenever I see this tactic, I always make it a point to find out what the first person said. So, as painful as it was, I went back and watched Kanye's Oval Office rant. And, I gotta tell you, I didn't see much. He dropped the F Bomb. He showed the world that his iphone password is 000000. He got Jim Brown and Donald Trump to shut up for 10 minutes. Which was amazing.

But most of what he said was just jibberish. A stream of conscience loosely held together by a bunch of non sequitirs. Like an Eminem freestyle without rhyming or entertaining.

His rant was high on passion and energy. But not on fact. There were lots of historical and legal references that just weren't accurate. Very similar to when Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez goes off script.

So what in there was so dangerous that the DNC had to mobilize the Washington Post, Saturday Night Live, CNN, NBC NEWS, et al to shut Kanye down???

I found it.

Kanye dared to suggest that Black Americans have the political freedom to vote for whoever they want.

That's it. That is what this is all about.

The Democratic Party depends on the Black vote. And for 70 years, they have done nothing to earn it. No single group votes more Democratic than African Americans. Irish are second. Jews are third.

Look at how the second 2 groups have prospered in collaboration with the Democratic party over the past 2 generations. Then look at the first.

Kanye is a businessman. He dared to suggest that Blacks renegotiate the unfavorable terms of the unwritten contract between Black America and the DNC. There is no better time to do it. The Dems are desperate. Numbers don't lie. If the DNC lost the unwavering, unquestioned support of the African American vote, they'd go the way of the Whigs and the Know Nothings.
We'd be a one party system. Whether he knows it or not, Kanye hit upon this. That scared the shit out of a lot of people. And that is why they have gone on full offensive to shut him up.


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  • I listened up...and then this OP fell flat on it's face. This non-OP narrative clearly wasn't written by someone of color, clearly...
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