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CBS as racist as ... First episode of Big Brother Season 20 shows a white model giving a brother a banana after she loses to him.

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I'm a BB Super Fan. Don't test me. Season 20 is bout to be the most racist yet. The brother on there plays basketball, NICKNAMED HIMSELF and only refers to himself in 3rd person. By THE NICKNAME HE GAVE HIMSELF. And of course the sister is an uppity bitch. a FAF cold assassin.

But i come to expect that shit. The first challenge of the year was between the best guy athlete and the best girl athlete. The girl was a white fitness model named Angela. She lost. And after she lost, she goes to the kitchen, comes back and gives Swaggy C a fucking banana. Swear to god. On national TV. The whole room like stops. Waiting for a riot. And then she's like it's full of potassium or some shit.

And I'm not shocked that white girl is racist. But this show ain't live. They've got a hundred cameras with a million hours that they edit down. And CBS chose to air this shit. That's some Planet of the Apes type action right there. Josh from Season 19 woulda been crying.

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