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Tone Deaf Reactions to Phil's Tantrum at Shinnecock

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I'm a golf nut. Playing. Watching. Reading. YouTubing. So, I get pretty geeked for Majors. I was watching the Golf Channel coverage the night Phil made a 10 on 13 and every commentator absolutely skewered Lefty. If you didn't see it, he putted his ball before the previous shot came to rest.

They said he betrayed his position as Torch Bearer for the sport. Talking heads said this would not only ruin but become his legacy. You woulda thought he was betting on Golf. Which he probably does. But anyway. I saw it happen. And I loved it. I wouldn't want it to happen every week. And there is no doubt that he should have been disqualified . But the guy was on his way to a 10. At the only Major to elude him. And that window is closing. And the USGA, who he's ripped throughout his career, screwed up the course. Badly. They made it into 5 different golf courses over 4 days. First they penalized Friday's leaders by making the course 5 shots easier on Saturday morning versus afternoon. Then, they penalized Saturday's leaders by changing Sunday's pin positions, allowing Tommy Fleetwood to shoot a 63. I would be pissed if they burned out a Muni course when I'm trying to play a $5 Nassau. Let alone the US Freaking Open. His frustration was warranted. And most of all, it was endearing. To golf fans. To golfers. It's a frustrating game. And we've all had those moments where we wanted to do what Phil did.

People who love Phil before this happened will love him more. Those who hate him might hate him a little less.
That's all he did.

I don't know of a single real golf guy who feels differently. Only the blowhards on TV who have become out of touch with this generation of golf fans. And if they don't get it soon, the sport will die. It needs to evolve. The modern golfer doesn't care about pomp and tradition. He likes golf carts, buckets of beer, blasting music, and playing in as little time as possible. Preferably without a collared shirt.


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  • He lied at the press conference. It wasn't strategy to save 2 strokes. He was showing up the USGA.
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  • The PGA looked like assholes by not DQing him. Golf's version of The Jordan Rules
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  • Greatest moment in my short life of watching golf
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  • Phil is a dick. Ask any golfer. Very few friends on tour. He's got the fans hoodwinked.
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  • Golf courses and graveyards are the biggest wastes of real estate
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  • Golf won't exist in another generation
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