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Michelle Wolf: Poster child for the modern feminist movement roasts Sarah Sanders at WHCD

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In her classless tirade at last night's White House Correspondents Dinner, this unknown "comedienne" proved what many of us already knew. It is this.

Feminists are despicable creatures. Self hating hypocrites. The most loathsome, despicable, anachronistic, godless, soulless bullies to walk this earth. Their stated goal is the advancement of women. Yet, inexplicably, their strategy to achieve this objective centers around the attack of any woman who is more successful than themselves. They do this by making fun of another women's weight, height, accent, hair, makeup, or any other quality that is wholly irrelevant to the true measure of a person. And will use any means necessary to feel superior. The only human a feminist hates more than q woman who is successful is an unborn baby. Why do they behave in this manner? Because feminists all suffer from the same disease. It's called, The Lobster Syndrome.

Amy Rees Anderson, Managing Partner and Founder of Rees Capital, describes this disease as follows:

" If you have ever observed lobsters in a fine restaurant you will find that they are kept in a shallow cage without any lid on the cage, yet you don’t see the lobsters getting out of the cage and running lose in the restaurant…so why not? The reason why is that when one lobster tries to crawl out of the tank, the other lobsters will grab and pull that lobster right back into the tank with them. They can’t escape because they consistently pull each other back in. I don’t know the science behind why the lobsters act this way, but I can tell you that this phenomenon is something that is not always unique to lobsters in a tank… There are certain people in this world who are infected with “the lobster syndrome”. These are the people who cannot stand to see other people do well. They will pinch, pull, and pry to try and drag anyone else down who appears to be progressing ahead of them. What causes lobster syndrome? From what I have observed it has typically started with someone feeling insecure or inadequate about themselves and it festers and grows from there to jealousy and envy and bitterness. The more a person becomes unhappy with themselves the more they want others around them to be unhappy too. Everything becomes a comparison to themselves – if one person accomplishes something good they read it as “I am not capable”, if someone is told they are pretty the insecure person hears “I must be ugly”, and it goes on and on for them. Rather than recognizing their own unique gifts and talents, they become so focused on wanting the talents that other people have that their own talents never get developed. And so their behavior ends up perpetuating the growth of their insecurities, and the way they try to combat those is to do everything they can to bring other people down with them. If they don’t get to be happy then no one else should be allowed to be happy either. And so the negativity comes and the mean spirited behavior ensues. Sadly, their doing so won’t lead to helping them feel any better about themselves; in fact it is quite the opposite. When they are constantly working to pull others down they only succeed in feeling worse and worse about themselves. It’s like a never ending spiral downward until that person will face their disease and make a conscious decision to break out of this lobster syndrome."

As long as there are feminists to hinder their fight for equality, women will continue to be second class citizens.


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  • She's a comedian. Have a sense of humor.
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  • Trump has said so much worse. He makes fun of the mentally and physically challenged
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  • Imagine if a comedian went after Obama and his wife like that. They'd be racist or misogynist. This is just a good humored roast
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  • This is my boss!!
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  • I couldn't watch the whole thing. Disgusting
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  • Thank god someone said it. I never could
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