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Kobe v Franco. The Hollywood Double Standard.

James Franco won a Golden Globe. He was on the fast track to win an Oscar for the Disaster Artist. Then, allegations came out suggesting he had relationships with his students and co stars. And he didn't even get nominated. This is what happens in the era of TimesUp and MeToo. Which is fine. If you behave badly, then you can't get awards in Hollywood. Baseball has done that same thing with its Hall of Fame. But, it's only OK if it's applied equally. Kobe raped a girl. He was married with a 6 month old baby. She was a teenager who worked the concierge desk at a resort he was staying in. She was bloodied. She was victimized by Kobe's lawyers for her sexual history. Kobe paid her an undisclosed sum to not testify. He bought his wife a 13 million dollar ring. Why is Kobe given a free pass?


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  • The rule for athletes is that you can do anything so long as there isn't video.
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  • Ray Lewis got away with murder
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  • I'm still not sure what James Franco did.
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