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I support a ban on guns. But not until I see some evidence that it will be effective.

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I do not own a gun. I never have. Most likely, I never will. I've handled them. I've shot them (everything from shotgun to hand gun to semi to fully automatic. Indoors and outdoors. Shot at targets, skeet, birds, rabbits, and fox.) It doesn't do anything for me. In fact, guns scare me. A lot. But, I am glad that there are people out there who like guns. And who carry them. And, I am not speaking hypothetically or theoretically. I divide my time between Chicago and Florida. These two places could not be further apart in term of attitudes and laws toward firearms. Be it a bar or club or concert or train station; I have been in situations where my personal safety was at risk. And, I feel much safer being down in Florida, where I know (and everyone knows) that anybody or everybody could be carrying a gun. Rather than being in Chicago where the only citizens carrying a gun are criminals who intend to use them. If I thought that a ban on guns would actually eliminate guns; I'd support it tomorrow. Without hesitation. It's a no brainer. But, I've seen first hand how hopelessly incompetent our government and justice system can be. Our federal government doesn't have the best track record in this arena (See the war on drugs over the past three decades.) They do not have the intelligence, the freedom, or the ability to effectively and definitively enforce a ban on guns. Until that changes. I just cannot see how criminalizing guns is going to make us safer.

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