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The electoral college is perfect.

Imagine you're one of the 5.2 million registered Republicans in California - the largest and bluest state in the country. Why vote in the presidential election? Your voice has never counted. Not in a half a century. If you're within those borders, you suffer a tyranny of a majority you could never overcome, so you don't vote. Worse, republican candidates never campaign in your state, because it's a lost cause for them. It's a waste of resources. Instead, they focus on the states where results are less predictable. Michigan. Pennsylvania. Ohio - states where blue collar and white collar are more split.

After a few decades, you don't vote anymore. There no real reason for you to vote. You've never had a voice.

So in the most populous state in the union, you have an enormous swath of disenfranchised people who don't vote, have no reason to vote, and may have never had a reason to vote in their entire lifetimes. Now you understand why the popular vote doesn't matter.

Debate me.


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  • Can't argue this point. The Electoral College made sense when candidates traveled by rail to campaign because there was no TV or radio to...
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