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Is coconut good or bad for you?

What's the deal with coconut? Good? Bad? Neutral? Is all coconut created equally? Is saturated fat really so terrible for us?\r\rIn this article, possibly written by someone in the dairy or soy industry, coconut, the not so new milk alternative is villianized.\r\r“People are going to see coconut more and more and decide that it’s a really healthy choice. And it’s not,” says Keri Gans, a New York nutritionist.\r\rIs drinking coconut milk going to make you fat? \r\r“Once you taste this, you’ll always order it,” said one member of the Daily News Taste Kitchen. “And that’s why everyone is going to gain 10 pounds this year.”\r\r


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  • The poison is in the dose?
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  • JP Sears has this covered:
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  • WTF. I have many issues with this article. For starters-- I am not sure how a coconut could be innately a bad thing. It grows on a palm...
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  • King of the super foods...
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