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Government tells Theranos lady she can't use her labs for two years and passes law so police can use your DNA on the spot. Related?

Elizabeth Holmes created a test that was intended to allow the consumer - individual - more power over their own medical issues and bodily fluids. The government contends she is a fraud and wants to shut her down.\r\r\r\rBut it is totally cool that the police are going to be collecting and supposedly analyzing people's DNA in two hours. No chance of false positives or negatives there, I'm sure, right?\r\r"Hatch’s bill, the Rapid DNA Act of 2015, updates current law to allow DNA samples to be processed using Rapid DNA systems located in police booking stations and other approved locations. Rapid DNA instruments have been described as self-contained, fully automated devices that can develop a reference sample profile from a minimally invasive cheek swab and compare the results against existing profiles in less than two hours."\r\r\r\rNote - jawbuck is reviving this exchange because many users entered but were not able to post. Share with us!

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