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Does jawbuck have any rules?

Yes and No.\rNo, there are no rules in the sense that you will be flagged or punished or banned.\rYes, there are strict guidelines that are consistent with the values on which this platform was built.\r\r1) We do not discuss people.\r - If you want to compare Hillary's immigration plan to Trump's, then this is the right spot. If you just want to trash her because she's a lying evil cunt. Or him because he's a racist, evil, buffoon, then take your shit elsewhere. Pretty much to any message board or comment section anywhere else on the Internet.\r\r2) Don't point out a problem if you can't offer a solution. If you want to bitch about something, then you're in the right place. As long as you propose a way to correct the issue. If you just want to whine for the sake of whining, then we suggest you try the rest of the Internet.\r\rJawbuck is for professional thinkers. Not amateur critics.\rThis platform is not for everybody. And makes no apologies for it.


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  • Don't do anything illegal. We can't protect you if you do anything illegal.
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  • How will these rules be enforced?
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