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"Once everyone knows nothing is on the square, as they used to say, they too become more corrupt just to maintain their position."

"Cynicism doesn’t just make everything worse; it creates a new kind of bad. It kills, for instance, the idea of merit. You don’t rise through talent and effort; you rise through lies, connections, silence, the rules of the gang. That gives the young an unearned bitterness. That is a terrible thing for adults to do, to deprive the young of the idealism that helps them rise cleanly and with point."\r\r\r\rIs this something new and different? Was the corruption, cronyism, favoritism always there, and we just now know about it? Did it used to be more dispersed and heterogenous, overlapping, but now is centralized and concentrated in DC/NYC/LA/SF?\r\rNote - jawbuck is reviving this exchange because many users entered but were not able to post. Share with us!

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