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Conversations that are substantive, versus conversations that are "hamster wheels" or HOW THE NEWS IS PWNING YOU!

The media has a formula for covering the news. Items that have a clear conclusion - where everybody would generally agree who was in the right and who was in the wrong - are ignored because those stories don't "perform." Remember, the goal of a news organization IS NOT to keep you informed. It is to keep you engaged so that they can sell add space and deliver those ads to your eyeballs.\r\rThe point is that they are more motivated to deliver issues that are ambiguous at best than they are to deliver stories that bring education and perspective. As a result, most of us who spend our time debating the issues in the news, are on a "hamster wheel." The issue was cherry picked because it divides people, and there isn't any clear resolution (notice that once most stories are "resolved" or "clarified" in one way or another, they fall out of the news.)\r\rI'll leave it up to you to figure out what questions have to be answered, but a few might be "Is this good for the country?" and "How might you solve this problem?"\r\rGood luck. Write well. Get paid.\r\rNote - jawbuck is reviving this exchange because many users entered but were not able to post. Share with us!\r


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  • The news media was captured in three ways (that i know):
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