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Pain Killers and Peter-Panning. You can't fly.

"You can fly! You can fly! You can fly! You can Fly-- You can FLYYYYYY..." \r\rNo. \rYou can't. \r\rPain is the body's alarm system that there is something wrong within. If you took a sharp needle and stabbed it into your arm, your body (nerves) send a signal to the brain that there is problem. The solution? Remove the needle, and lick your wounds. Gradually that pain subsides, and the body heals. Ah. So simple. If only it were so for all pain. \r\rThough all pain is not as simply diagnosed, pain is the body's way of saying STOP. Let's chill. And reassess the situation. When we "Peter-pan", and pop a pill, that tricks the body into temporarily feeling no pain, and instead do activities that we KNOW worsen pain, we continue to heighten inflammation, which can lead to long-term and irreversible damage... or damage that takes much longer to heal... in a much more painful manner.\r\rPain medication can and may be used to make living manageable, but it should be used as an opportunity to heal. Not an opportunity to take up flying. \r\rNot only that, but even just short term use of pain killers-- like Vicodin, generally cause: dizziness, anxiety, drowsiness, constipation, headache, mood changes, blurred vision, ringing in your ears, dry mouth, and difficulty urinating. --> AKA: Exacerbating kidney problems, liver problems, mental problems, dehydration... It also increases the risk of liver toxicity... and is excreted in bodily fluids (breast milk, semen, etc). \r\rBTW- There is actually a drug now for people who take pain killers regularly-- because they become constipated. Oh. But those come along with a slew of additional side effects. \r\rHave bad breath? Yep. That's your digestive system right there. \r\rMy point? If pain killers are essential to go about your day, by all means... but your second mandatory prescription should be to then take CARE of your body and do everything necessary to get back to some level of comfort. Whether through stretching, exercise, physical therapy, rest, chiropractic health, and also a diet that decreases inflammation.\r\rIt does not mean to pop a pill and then pretend your Peter Pan. Because I promise, when you go to jump off that bed thinking you can fly-- gravity sets in.


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  • I have always strongly felt that one must let the body take its' natural course in the healing process. Under certain circumstances,...
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  • Well written and, obviously, strongly felt. Of course, nearly everything in life taken to an extreme, or abused simply to function, ends...
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  • Yes, yes, yes. Pain killers for pain management as an opportunity to heal, but not to enable an unhealthy lifestyle. I wish more health...
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  • Are you against palliative care? Is it only wrong to suppress pain if the underlying cause is curable? There are slews of genetic...
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  • Don't endorphins trick the body into feeling no pain? Is runner's high a drug?
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