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It’s your turn to speak.

Jawbuck™ is a totally anonymous discussion platform. This allows people to focus on the content. No other place on the Internet that pays you for the quality of your comment.

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Put your money where your mouth is. Invest in yourself and your ideas. Reward others for their contributions. Get paid for your own. All Jawbuck™ content is unauthored; we separate the message from the messenger so ideas can be considered without bias. Jawbuck™ is a place where you can speak freely. Test your thoughts and ideas to see how they perform when they stand alone. The things you say here are judged entirely by their merit.

“Truth fears no questions.”

― Unauthored
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  1. Exchange Ideas

    Share your thoughts and ideas without fear of personal attack. Let your comments be judged on their own merit.

  2. Earn Money

    This is a pure digital democracy. Pay to comment. Get paid for your comments. Reward other people for theirs.

  3. Be Heard

    Within a Jawbuck™ conversation, voice is a precious and increasingly scarce commodity. While every user starts with the same amount of voice, only those who are rewarded by their peers can continue the conversation.

  4. Unauthored

    Jawbuck™ features the power of unauthored contributions. Too often, in digital conversation, the messenger is targeted and the message becomes lost. But on Jawbuck™, there is no messenger. This allows an audience to concentrate on the message without being influenced by who wrote it. Freeing the reader from traditional prejudices and preconceptions. With no personal or political associations, contributions are rewarded or refuted on their own merit.

How it Works

The Conversation

It all starts with a Conversation — of ideas, of lessons, of wit. Users must enter into a Conversation to participate.

The Entry Funds

Your Entry Funds go toward your participation in the Conversation. 50% of your Entry Funds are used for comments. The remaining 50% of your balance is for tipping. Tipping is the fuel that drives the conversation because tipping both highlights a given comment and gives additional voice to its author. These Funds go into what is known as your “Conversation Wallet” and are divided into 3 sections:

For Posts

This first section is for making comments. Ten cents to comment on the original post. Five cents to reply to any of those comments. Once that bank runs out, you can only comment if you have money in your Bonus bank.

For Tips

This money is to reward other participants. Allocate however you see fit, based on the value you place on someone’s contribution. Tips can be made in four increments. $.05, $,25, $.50, $1.00. Tips power the Jawbuck engine. Be sure to spend all your tip money because it only may be used within that conversation.


This is your tip jar. Monies received from other users are stored in your “Bonus” bank. This amount can be used at your discretion. Bonus money can be spent on additional comments or additional tips. If you attempt to either comment or tip from an empty bank, the funds will be deducted from your “Bonus”. When the conversation closes, the Bonus money automatically transfers to your overall balance.

See for Yourself

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